What is RunwayVIP?

RunwayVIP is our way of rewarding our loyal shoppers by offering unlimited access to designer labels at prices you love. Shopping is made even easier as you can add RunwayVIP items to your cart and Checkout through the usual RunwaySale process - its two exciting stores with one easy Checkout!
You can earn your access to RunwayVIP by shopping from any of the RunwaySale events, so start shopping now!

How to qualify

Simply making a purchase from RunwaySale will give you access to RunwayVIP. Have you made a purchase on RunwaySale in the last 3 Months? Then you should already have access to RunwayVIP! To visit RunwayVIP click on the gold VIP button at the top of the page (if you are on a desktop or tablet device) or in the main menu (if you are on a mobile device). Remember that you need to be logged in for us to check whether you qualify. Access to this store will expire if you have not made a purchase from RunwaySale or RunwayVIP within 3 Months.

Check if you have access

Still have questions?

If you would like more information about RunwayVIP you can

  • Browse our FAQ Page
  • Call us during office hours on 087 943 2444
  • Email us at info@runwaysale.co.za